RF Shielded Enclosure, Test chamber & Screened room

20MHz to 75GHz capability

Industry leading Isolation (as high as >= 130dB)

Standard & Custom configurations


Coaxial / Waveguide bulkhead adapters

Filtered I/O

   E.g. USB, RJ45, DB-9, DB-25, HDMI and AC/DC


Built-in Turn-table option

Benchtop, Standalone / Portable, 19" / 24" Rack mount profiles

Air vent (cut-off waveguide)

Silent Cooling Fan


Scratch proof coating

Competitive pricing

Typical delivery from 2wks (ARO)


>> EMC / EMI Testing  

>> Over-the-Air Testing

     Wi-Fi (802.11), 3G/LTE, GSM, CDMA, 60GHz, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC etc     

>> Digital forensics

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