Electromagnetic Simulation

Sonnet Software Suites


Full-wave 3D Planar Electromagnetic Field Solver                      

For High Frequency EM Simulation of multi-layer circuits & Antennas to THz frequencies

(e.g. MMIC, RFIC, coplanar waveguide, LTCC, PCB / Laminates)

Accurate, Fast and Efficient for demanding applications  


Feature-based context sensitive help, concept-based manuals, tutorials, videos & online help


Advanced and accurate EM Ports for good Ground Reference & noise floor     

TrueVolume™ metal modelling, using fully 3D subsections with volumetric currents


Efficient Modeling of Thick Conductors, Rough Metal, Vias, Uniaxial Anisotropy

Enhanced & Conformal Meshing for reducing discretization count and modelling non-rectangular edges - to lower memory requirements, increase analysis speed & efficiency, without compromising accuracy

Box resonance prediction


Advanced Model Extraction in Time & Frequency domains

(outputs in Touchstone™, MDIF, SPICE & Spectre® formats)


Display response data, current density and far-field antenna patterns


Interfaces and Translators for 3rd party tools & layout formats

(Keysight ADS / Genesys™, NI AWR Microwave Office®, CST Design Studio® /CST Microwave Studio®, Cadence Virtuos®, MATLAB®; Modelithics® CLR Library™; GDSII, DXF, Gerber/ODB++)


Support for Cluster computing


Perpetual Licence terms. Lease-to-Purchase and Limited-term-Licence options.


>> Suite Grades        

Professional, Level3 Gold, Level2 Silver, Level2 Basic, Lite (*** FREE ***)  


>> Latest release version(s)

Level2, Level3 and Professional: 18.58 (January 2024)

Lite 18.53 (October 2021)

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