Solid-State solutions


10kHz - 86GHz Frequency coverage                      

GaN, GaAs, LDMOS technologies   

Linear / CW & Pulsed                         

High Efficiency

Narrowband, Wideband, Ultra-Wideband         

Tight Gain Flatness

Connectorised (Compact size, Rack-mount)

FWD power monitoring option

Over Temp protection & Alarm options                 

Reverse polarity & over/under-voltage protection options    

Commercial & Mil-spec Grades


Low-Noise Amplifiers    (Noise Figure down to 0.5dB)  

Power Amplifiers           (Output range to 5kW)

Equalizer Amplifiers      (Traveling-wave tubes Drivers)

Limiting Amplifiers         

Gain Controlled Amplifiers                 

Temperature Compensated Amplifiers

Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers


1GHz - 40GHz Frequency coverage                         

CW / Pulsed applications   

40W to 4kW Output power range



Other Amplifiers


25MHz - 40GHz Frequency coverage

High Speed & Wide dynamic range  


Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVA)

Successive Detector Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVA)

Log IF / RF Amplifiers

Extended Range Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifier (ERDLVA)


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